Cauldron shaped stoneware baby planter in 'New Forest' inspired glaze. (Below)
Height: 6.6 centimetres
Width: 7.5 centimetres
Depth: 5.5 centimetres
Round stoneware baby planter with winding texture in Liquorice Black glaze. (Below)
Height: 5.5 centimetres
Width: 8.5 centimetres
Depth: 5.5 centimetres 
Round stoneware 'melting meadow' patterned mini planter. (Below)
Height: 5.8 centimetres
Width: 8 centimetres
Depth: 5.8 centimetres
Stoneware 'coral' baby planter in white speckled glaze. (Below)
Height: 5 centimetres
Width: 7 centimetres
Depth: 5 centimetres
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